Learn how to master the mindset of optimum performance and well-being.

Welcome to The Confident Dancer Course, a comprehensive course teaching you the most powerful concepts and techniques I've learned and shared with top dancers from all over the world for the last 5 years to help them effectively manage their internal state to help them perform their best consistently and develop a healthy, confident mentality that allows them to thrive personally. If you want to learn how to train your mind to actually HELP you perform and feel your best, no matter if you're a recreational or professional dancer, this course is for you.

The Confident Dancer Course is for any dancer who wants to...

  • Know how to practically manage your mental and emotional state so you can focus only on what serves you and consistently perform your best even under pressure.

  • Overcome mental blocks such an persistent insecurities, imposter syndrome, comparison, perfectionism, self-doubt, self-criticism, performance anxiety, and more.

  • Learn actionable tools to help you build authentic self-trust, belief in yourself, and confidence so you can feel safe to take risks, be seen, and feel really good about where you’re at, whether you’re a recreational dancer or professional in a top company.

  • Demystify how your mind actually works, why you may be experiencing certain mental challenges, and what the process of creating mental, emotional, and behavioral change actually looks like so you can go from confused about how to change, to unstuck and empowered.

  • Learn practical tools to help you mentally prepare for a more successful and enjoyable class, rehearsal, audition, or performance.

  • Develop a healthy mentality towards dance and yourself so you can truly trust your process and even enjoy it along the way.

What this course includes

  • 40+ Video Lessons

    $1227 value

    The concepts you'll learn in these videos go so far beyond what you've heard me share in my free content. Rooted in modalities I've studied such as Neurolinguistic Programming, Performance Psychology, and various inner healing modalities that are designed to help resolve the root issues of deeper fears and insecurities that many dancers are affected by, this course shares the real, effective tools to break through the mental blocks that have been holding you back and shift into a new level of mental well-being and confidence that will serve you in dancing to your fullest potential.

  • 8 Written Exercises

    $220 value

    This course isn't just designed to inspire you (though that will happen). It's designed to actually transform your sense of confidence as a dancer, your mental/emotional well-being, and your ability to manage your mind to perform effectively. That's why there are written exercises to help you implement the concepts you'll learn in the videos and actually apply them in your life personally.

  • Access to Individual Coaching Support at an Exclusive Rate of 10% Off

    If at any point during your time in the course, you'd like to get individual support to break through a certain mental block or help prepare you for a big moment like an upcoming audition, performance, or transition in your training/career, you are welcome to reach out and set up coaching session(s) at an exclusive rate to accelerate your progress towards achieving your goals.

Take a sneak peak into the course library!

    1. Introduction to The Confident Dancer Course (watch this before proceeding!)

    1. Intro to How Your Mind Works to Create Your Subjective Experience

    2. Understanding the Subconscious Mind and How to Work WITH It

    3. Curiosity: Your Most Powerful Tool for Change

    4. Being at Cause vs Being at the Effect (includes worksheet)

    5. The Power of Resourcefulness

    6. Non-Judgmental Awareness & Objectivity

    7. Restoring Intuition and Self-Connection

    8. The Power of Your Identity/Self Image (includes worksheet)

    9. Understanding Your Values and How They Impact You (includes worksheet)

    10. The Power of Our Beliefs + How to Change Limiting Beliefs (includes worksheet)

    11. Understanding the Different Parts of You (includes worksheet)

    12. Understanding and Releasing Your Self Protective Behaviors (includes worksheet)

    13. The Power of Your Language and Positive Self-Talk (includes worksheet)

    14. How to Change Your State

    15. How to Use Mental Imagery to Feel and Perform Your Best

    16. Focus: How to Use It to Your Advantage

    17. What a Healthy Relationship with Your Emotions Looks Like

    18. Your Energy Matters

    1. Toxic vs Healthy Positivity

    2. Growth vs Fixed Mindset

    3. The Abundance Mindset

    4. The Game Mindset (includes worksheet)

    5. Misconceptions About Confidence That Keep Us from Having It

    6. The Practical Applications and Benefits of Authentic Confidence

    7. The 6-Step Process to Building Confidence (includes worksheet)

    8. Embodiment

    9. Measuring Success Backwards

    10. Expectations vs Intentions (includes worksheet)

    11. Redefining "Good Enough" (includes worksheet)

    12. Healthy Detachment & Taking Things Off a Pedestal

    13. The Importance of Self-Advocacy

    14. How do you LIKE to dance? Developing Taste Instead of Judgement

    15. Defining Your Personal Brand (worksheet included)

    16. How to Overcome Self-Doubt

    17. How to Overcome Performance Anxiety

    18. How to Overcome Perfectionism

    19. How to Rebuild Trust with Yourself

    20. How to Release the Need for Constant External Validation

    1. Visual Rehearsal

    2. A Breathwork Tool for Calmness and Anxiety Relief

    3. Peripheral Vision (a tool to help you get "in the zone")

    4. Emotional Freedom Techniques (helps to change your state instantly and release emotional triggers)

    5. The Importance of Journaling

    6. Links to Suggested Books and Other Resources

    1. How to book a session.

About this course

  • $497.00
  • 46 lessons
  • 13.5 hours of video content

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